AH021 Mind Over Matter w/ Bobby Maximus

On this show, I interview the larger than life Bobby Maximus. Bobby Maximus has been a phenomenon for the fitness world, and if you have been following fitness for a while he needs no introduction. On this show we talk about: Bobby's social media and how he handles his “haters” How he grew into a [...]

AH 020 Behind the Kitchen Doors Part 2 w/ Chef Bernie Laskowski

On today's show, we have chef Bernie Laskowski on again to chat more about getting out of the Marine Corps and becoming one of the best chefs in Chicago. We talk more about: Bernie's life Everything he went through to climb to the top of the Chicago food scene This show is part two, so [...]

AH 019 Behind the Kitchen Doors Part 1 w/ Chef Bernie Laskowski

On today's show, we have special guest chef Bernie Laskowski who's interview was so good, I decided we break it into a two-part series. Those of you that know me well know that I'm in love with a few things: fitness, mindset and, food - and that's what we cover on these shows! It's very [...]

AH018: Empowering Social Entrepreneurs w/ Super Hero Academy

On today's show, we have 2 guests - Garret Adkins and Marc Angelo Coppola of Super Hero Academy. Super Hero Academy has been an unbelievable place for people to go and learn how to market and grow their business and they also throw awesome masterminds all over the world. I can testify to their amazing [...]

AH017: Culture is the Cure w/ Dobbin Buck

On today's show, I have on my dear friend and co-owner of GetUWired, Dobbin Buck. We talk about: How he went from building museums to creating one of the best small business marketing and website automation companies in the country His journey into self-development and becoming a leader that looks to intentionally honor people in [...]
markus gerszi

AH016: Experience is Everything w/ Markus Gerszi

On today's show, I interview my dear friend Markus Gerzi, co-owner of Gymwright. We talk about: His beginnings, growing up in an entrepreneurial family His crazy stories traveling abroad We dabble in his love for functional fitness and his passion for marketing How he's committed to improving the functional fitness industry as a whole Enjoy the show, [...]

AH015: Secrets to Success w/ Juliet Starrett

On today's show, I interview CEO of Mobility WOD Juliet Starrett. We talk about: Her not-for-profit Standup Kids Her secrets to success How she and Kelly have built an amazing business empire How Kelly and Juliet have built a great relationship along the way I really enjoyed talking to Juliet. She's got a wonderful attitude. [...]

AH014: Coaching in the NFL w/ Rob Wenning

On today's show, I interview Rob Wenning, the assistant strength coach of the New Orleans Saints. We talk about: His journey into strength and conditioning His college coaching career What is like to be a coach in the competitive scene of the NHL Enjoy the show, Angelo About Rob Rob Wenning enters his ninth season [...]

AH013: The Life of Michael Cazayoux

On today's show, I have President of Working Against Gravity and Founder of Brute Strength, Michael Cazayoux. Michael Cazayoux is a man that I have admired for many years from afar. It was a pleasure to talk to him and dig deeper into some of the things that I had questions about. We talk about: [...]

AH012: Endure and Elevate Yourself w/ Ian Berger

On today's show, I have my friend Ian Berger the host of the Endure Podcast. We talk about: His childhood playing soccer all over the world. His journey into discovering functional fitness and then eventually opening up his own box. Being the General Manager of the New York Rhinos. Hosting Endure Podcast and being the [...]