AH38 Warrioress Evolution w/ Rocio Sisco 

On today’s show, I have my muse, my soul mate, my love warrior Rocio Sisco. I’ve been waiting to get her on the show for quite a while now and I’m super excited that we actually found some time to knock it out. We talk about her, her journey, what she’s focused on right now [...]

AH37 Creating Powerful Partnership w/ Ashley Bledsoe

On today's show, I have the amazing Ashley Bledsoe. Her and I go balls deep in relationships on this episode. Everything about them, about communication, about how you can have better quality relationships. All the work that she has been doing in her personal relationship. Also she shares some major road bumps and milestones in [...]

AH36 Change as Many Lives as Possible w/ Paul Buono

On today’s episode, I interview my dear friend and all-around amazing guy, Paul Buono. Paul and I reflect on the last three years of his life. He moved from the east coast to Colorado, he started competing in the sport of CrossFit, he had a relationship, got engaged, and is now not engaged. We also [...]

AH035 No Excuses w/ Paris Robinson

On today’s show, I interview Paris Robinson. Paris Robinson grew up in Richmond, Virginia, was exposed to a harsh criminal element that he found motivating in his youth, and he was shot four times in the chest and is now in a wheelchair. Paris goes deep into his story of why these things motivated him [...]

AH34 Disrupting Industry Standards w/ Orion Melehan

On today’s show, I have my great friend Orion Melehan of LIFEAID. Orion serves as the CEO and Founder of LIFEAID. In this show, he talks about his inspiration for being an entrepreneur, he talks about his side of what it was like to create the LifeAID brand and how house music has shaped his [...]

AH33 The Strong Coach w/ Mike Bledsoe

On today’s show, I interview the great Mike Bledsoe! Mike and I talk about his mission to heal the fitness industry. We also go into crazy marketing for supplements, and last but certainly not least we talk about his program Strong Coach. He’s really passionate about helping coaches upgrade their prescription to be better coaches [...]

AH32 Chicago’s Artisan w/ Tony Fiasche

On today’s show, I interview my dear friend Tony Fiasche of Nduja Artisans. We talk about his journey growing up in the restaurant world of his parents, developing and finding out that he’s a 5th generation salumi maker and he has taken this to the next level. We had some technical issues with this one [...]

AH031 Meet Mr. Beautiful w/ Kenny Santucci

On today’s show, I interview Kenny Santucci. Kenny Santucci spends his days being the general manager of CrossFit Solace in New York. On this episode, we go deep into him growing up overweight, what it was like to be a reality star, his journey into fitness, and the strong New York project that he’s hosting [...]

AH30 The Soulful Warrior w/ Jeff Depatie

On today's show, I interview retired tier 1 special forces operator, Jeff Depatie. Jeff and I get into a lot of things about his life - both inside and out of the military. Right now he's working on a very impressive project called The Special Forces Experience. It's going to help people upgrade their life [...]

AH29 Serial Entrepreneur Life w/ Ricky Regalado

On today’s show, I have entrepreneur Ricky Regalado. Ricky is a local entrepreneur to my area and it’s been a pleasure to have him on the show. We talk about his journey into developing into an entrepreneur; what it was like in his home life that gave him the roots that he needed to become [...]