AH059 Jiujitsu for Growth w/ Mark Gutierrez

Elite Team Monterey Jiujitsu. I met Mark a few years ago through some business coaching that I did and was able to help him transition with his newer academy that he's in right now. We developed a good friendship. As I have been jumping into Jiujitsu, I've been calling him and talking with him more [...]

AH060 Harness the Power of Fear w/ Brian Muka

On today's episode, I have Brian Muka of Fear Sherpa. Brian specializes in helping people work with their fear, become a friend to it and, how to really work with it instead of just overcoming it. We really debunk that idea in this episode. I really love having people on the show that are about [...]

AH058 The Return of the Queen w/ Rocio Sisco

On today's episode, I have a highly requested return guest, my beautiful and lovely wife. Those of you who have followed us for a while, you may know that we are expecting in September so it was great to sit down with Rocio and kind of reconvene the last five months that we have gained [...]

AH057 Level Method w/ Nathan Holiday

On today's episode, I have Nathan Holiday of The Level Method If you are not familiar with The Level Method, it is a belt system that is for functional fitness and group-based affiliate models and things like that. Which I think is super cool to help give a performance-based goal, for people at your gym. [...]

AH056 Embrace Your Past Win Your Future w/ Mark Crandall

On today's show, I have coach, speaker, author, therapist, amazing all around guy Mark Crandall on the show. Mark Crandall has an incredible resume, he is also a podcast host of The Purpose Chaser. He's an incredible author with a book about to come out called Embrace Your Past. You will hear more about it [...]

AH055 Making the Best Even Better w/ Bryan Pankow

Meet Dr. Bryan Pankow - he's a chiropractor in applied kinesiology in his place up in Ottawa, Canada. We had an amazing conversation about something called EFT or emotional freedom technique. This has to do with your body holding on to trauma physically and that can cause you pain and ailments. Those of you that [...]

AH054 Live the Life You Want w/ Austin O’Neal

On today's show, I have coach Austin O'Neal. Austin O'Neil at one time lived in Chicago and was a high-level functional fitness athlete, so I knew of him through social circles around us. He recently had some great changes in his life after he moved to Arizona with OPEX being an athlete giving up being [...]

AH053 Masculine Mastery w/ Angelo Sisco

On today's show, I am the guest. Mark England a very dear friend of mine and previous guest, comes on the show to take the interviewers seat and allows me to be the guest. I wanted to take some time to explain to some listeners and viewers about the Alpha Hippie Masculine Mastery course. I [...]

AH052 Iron + Mortar Summit w/ Layci Nelson 

On today's episode, I have Layci Nelson, the founder of the Iron and Mortar Summit. This is unlike any other functional fitness micro gym owner summit that's out there. We have an amazing conversation talking about this. It's specifically for gym owners. The panel and speakers are unlike any other group that is assembled in [...]

AH051 The Greatness Movement w/ Kenny Weiss

On today's show, I have an amazing author and founder of The Greatness Movement Kenny Weiss. Kenny has written a book, Your Journey To Sucess: How To Accept The Answer's You Discover Along The Way. I was passed along this book by one of our guests Ryan Buchantini, and he raved about it. I got [...]