AH046 Solving Life’s Persistent Problems w/ Brian Alexander

Hello everyone, and thanks for listening to the Alpha Hippie Podcast. On today’s show, I have gym owner, Kolbe expert, and my buddy, Brian Alexander. We talk everything to do with gym ownership. We also get much deeper into this Kolbe test. Brian has been studying this idea of taking this Kolbe test that helps [...]

AH045 Making Waves w/ Dave Robinson

Hello everyone, and thanks for listening to the Alpha Hippie Podcast. On today’s episode, I have obstacle course racer, gym owner, podcaster, and all around badass, Dave Robinson on the show. We talk about his journey into becoming a gym owner, and being inspired to affect millions for a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. [...]

AH44 Mental Models and Death Metal w/ Todd Nief

On today’s show, I have my dear friend, amazing gym owner and coach, Todd Nief. Some of you may have referred to him as Todd Knife or Todd Neff, but I am here reassuring you that it’s Todd Nief. We talk about everything from owning a gym, being an introvert, what it was like growing [...]

AH43 The Art of Motivation w/ Dennis Timpanaro

On Today’s show, I talk with motivation guru Dennis Timpanaro. Dennis has a very, very interesting story from working to qualifying in the Olympics, from never competing in a certain sport, to really understanding what is motivation, this concept that is driving many of us to seek, feel that we are lacking, or having any [...]

AH42 Carving Your Own Path w/ Tyler Sullivan

On today's show, I have my friend and amazing business owner, Tyler Sullivan. We talk about how we met - which is actually a funny story - and we go deeper into his journey in owning his gym. We also talk about his family and how he's decided to home-school his kids which I think [...]

AH41 Your Network is Your Net Worth w/ Sam Pogue 

Hello everyone, and thank you for listening to the Alpha Hippie Podcast. On today’s show, I have a return guest Sam Pogue. I asked Sam to be back on the show to talk about his next journey and his past couple of years of revelations from working at Onnit and what it’s been like to [...]

AH40 Be Better Every Day w/ Ryan Buccantini 

On today’s show, I have my dear friend, brother, amazing coach, Ryan Bucciantini from OPEX North San Diego with me. Ryan and I have been on an amazing two year journey where I actually met him in a retreat in Southern California where I had a major breakthrough for myself personally and Ryan also had [...]

AH39 Don’t Miss Your Chance w/ Joe Corvo 

On today’s episode, I have 40-44-year-old 7th fittest man in the universe, athlete, and friend Joe Corvo. Joe Corvo has been my athlete for the last four years, 4½ years now in CrossFit. It has been an amazing journey working with him. But Joe also has an amazing story of playing in the NHL for [...]

AH38 Warrioress Evolution w/ Rocio Sisco 

On today’s show, I have my muse, my soul mate, my love warrior Rocio Sisco. I’ve been waiting to get her on the show for quite a while now and I’m super excited that we actually found some time to knock it out. We talk about her, her journey, what she’s focused on right now [...]

AH37 Creating Powerful Partnership w/ Ashley Bledsoe

On today's show, I have the amazing Ashley Bledsoe. Her and I go balls deep in relationships on this episode. Everything about them, about communication, about how you can have better quality relationships. All the work that she has been doing in her personal relationship. Also she shares some major road bumps and milestones in [...]