AH074 Merging Modern Medicine w/ Fitness Dr. Adam Schulte

I met Dr. Adam Schulte through a mutual friend Matt who runs CrossFit Resolution in California. Dr. Schulte is on a pursuit to flip medicine and medical practices in not only the functional fitness community but at large. He is empowering people to work together with fitness coaches and doctors to live a healthy life. [...]

AH073 WTF w/ Stu Brauer

I just wrapped up a podcast with Stu Brauer. Stu owns a gym in Charlotte called Urban Movement and has a consulting business called WTF Gym Talk, which is where I first stumbled across Stu from making some videos. WTF popped out to me which would make anybody check it out. I was interested to [...]

AH072 Gym Vibes w/ Nat Huerta

Just wrapped up a podcast with Nat Huerta of Queer Gym in Oakland California. I met Nat a few years ago, doing some business mentoring for her. She and I hit it off right away and we had a great bond. She was an amazing business owner that has gone through some awesome experiences in [...]

AH071 For All of Mankind w/ Chance Taureau

Today's guest is Chance Taureau. He is a consultant and, more importantly, I think he is a healer just trying to make people better and grow. I was connected to him by a previous guest Paul Bono. We just dove deep into his journey through his own healing and what he had to do to [...]