AH092 What it Means to Be Human w/ Rick Alexander

I have Rick Alexander on my show today. He is an author, speaker, and coach. He was first on my show about a year ago and we hit it off. This has led to a great friendship over the past year. He wrote an amazing book called Ambitious Heroes and Heartache which I got to [...]

AH090 Transcend w/ Layci Nelson

My guest this week is Layci Nelson of Transcend. She's also the co-founder of the Iron and Mortar Summit - but that's not what we're talking about today. We met just over a month ago and have been friends ever since. She and I discuss her program Transcend which she created to help develop better [...]

AH089 Mind Body Connection w. Ronnie Landis

Ronnie Landis is on the show today. He is a holistic coach that specializes in foods that create a mind-body connection. We talk about what holistic health is and dive deeper into his practice and interesting way of life. I love you all, enjoy the show. About Ronnie Ronnie Landis is a leading expert in [...]

AH087 Mobility Queen w. Doc Jen Esquer

I just got done recording a podcast with Dr. Jen Esquer. She is a physical therapist and doing amazing things online with her programs helping people. She helps people develop a better relationship with their body and help them move better and be pain-free. I love you all, enjoy the show. Angelo About Jen Jen [...]

AH086 Vitality w. Steve Pinkerton

On today's show, I have Steve Pinkerton. Steve is the owner of Crossfit Vitality. Steve is one of the manliest men I have ever met, he is also open to new things and experiences. We talked about his journey through life, being a husband, father, entrepreneur. What is his life is like not after running [...]

AH085 Alpha Femme w. Dr. Danielle McGinnis

On today's show, se have one badass Alpha Femme Dr. Danielle McGinnis. She is a strength and conditioning coach, physical therapist, and also lightworker and healer. She's out there bringing them all together, strength and conditioning, nutrition and helping women with light work and developing them selves. I love you all, enjoy the show. Angelo [...]

AH084 Order and Chaos w/ Tom Foxley

Tom Foxley is our guest today, he was guest #6 in 2018. It was great to have him back on the show. He has a company called Mindset RX, which is just like it sounds, focusing on mindset within the fitness and functional fitness world. We talked about order and chaos, which wound up being [...]

AH083 Your Holistic Psychologist w/ Nicole LaPera

My guest today is Nicole LaPera a Holistic Psychologist. On Instagram, she has been able to build an incredible one million+ following. She specializes in helping people heal their trauma, and help promote change in her patients' lives by offering tools to promote that. I love you all, enjoy the show. Angelo About Nicole LaPera [...]

AH082 Abundantly Clear w/ Malorie Nicole

Malorie Nicole is a mindset coach. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs. It was amazing to talk with someone who does this type of work. Being an entrepreneur myself, this is something I have helped people with so it's great to understand someone's journey and meet the other people that are out there doing these [...]

AH081 Breaking It Down w/ Pete Turner

Today's show is with guest Pete Turner. Pete is a podcast host of the Break It Down show and a US veteran. He has an amazing sense of humor and is a super fun guy. It was interesting speaking to him about everything he has created since getting out of the military. Pete is just [...]