AH072 Gym Vibes w/ Nat Huerta

Just wrapped up a podcast with Nat Huerta of Queer Gym in Oakland California. I met Nat a few years ago, doing some business mentoring for her. She and I hit it off right away and we had a great bond. She was an amazing business owner that has gone through some awesome experiences in [...]

AH071 For All of Mankind w/ Chance Taureau

Today's guest is Chance Taureau. He is a consultant and, more importantly, I think he is a healer just trying to make people better and grow. I was connected to him by a previous guest Paul Bono. We just dove deep into his journey through his own healing and what he had to do to [...]

AH070 Training Camp for the Soul w/ Anat Peri

On this show, I have healer, transformational coach and, also one of my coaches Anat Peri. We dig deep into some of her transformational work and also work that both Rocio and I have participated in, as well as other OCF Squad Members. Anat is a very special healer for me. One of the things [...]

AH069 A Walk in the Dark w/ Vic Manzo

I just got done recording an amazing podcast with DR. Vic Manzo. I grew up and went to high school with him. It is pretty interesting to have someone who is from a similar culture and neighborhood as me. He also went down the path of transformation and trying to make people better. Vic has [...]

AH068 Find my Formula w/ Adam Greenfeld + Dan Freed

Just got done doing an amazing podcast with Adam Greenfeld and Dan Freed of Find my Formula. This is a company that helps personalize nootropics for people. I think the work they do is absolutely amazing. I have actually used their product for a couple of months. I wanted to test it out before I [...]

AH067 Thoughts on Life Roundtable w/ Brandon Powell + Mark England

In November, Brandon Powell and Mark England were visiting me to do a seminar on Procabulary and Wimhof at my gym. I forgot that the night before we went out to dinner and we wound up just hanging out at my apartment. It was just three guys just hanging out having fun just talking about life and [...]

AH066 Optimizing the Human Experience w/ Kenny Kane

On today's show, We have I have my very dear friend, coach, amazing comedian too. Kenny Kane. Kenny has been very passionate about involving the fitness industry that is just a pure as it can get. I love hearing his view on things and, I plan on learning from some of these things that he's [...]

AH065 Masculine Mastery: Emotional Mastery

Do you want to step into a level of fearlessness that you didn’t think was possible? Join me as I walk you through this important exercise in creating core values to become a man that has something that no one can take away – Pride. Alpha Hippie’s Masculine Mastery Program is revolutionizing the modern man. Weekly calls give [...]

AH064 Masculine Mastery: Spiritual Mastery

Do you want to develop a level of Trust in yourself that is unshakable? Join me as I walk you through the 4th module of Masculine Mastery, Spiritual Mastery, which teaches men how to be selfless, loved and admired. Alpha Hippie’s Masculine Mastery Program is revolutionizing the modern man. Weekly calls give you the tools to step [...]

AH063 Masculine Mastery: Mental Mastery

Do you want to Focus and do your BEST in all areas of your life? Join me as I walk you through the 3rd module of Masculine Mastery, Mental Mastery, which teaches proven techniques that help you create a heightened level of awareness Alpha Hippie’s Masculine Mastery Program is revolutionizing the modern man. Weekly calls give you [...]