AH028 Live Work Play & Hustle w Danny Lehr

On today's show, I have Danny Lehr of Caffeine and Kilos. We talk about his youth and how he was shaped to be an entrepreneur from a young age. We go deeper into how a weightlifting competition turned into Caffeine and Kilos, work-life balance, and Danny's view on "the hustle". Enjoy the show, Angelo About Danny [...]

AH027 No Breath, No Life w/ Brandon Powell

On today’s show, I interview Certified Wim Hof instructor Brandon Powell. We go deep into everything that is Wim Hof on this episode. So first we talk about exactly what the Whim Hof method is, how to practice is, and if you don’t have the time, how to do a 5-minute practice of the method. [...]

AH026 Be a Leader of Leaders w/ Aaron Guyett

On today's show, I interview Aaron Guyett. Aaron is probably one of the most interesting and passionate people that I have met in my entire life. We talk about: His journey into the marine corps What it as like to start his gym, Innovative Results The sale of his gym His new passion project Leaders [...]

AH025 Zero to Hero w/ Kevin Beamon

On today's show, I interview my friend and fellow gym owner Kevin Beamon. We talk about: His beginnings in functional fitness Life in Miami Bringing functional fitness back to Pittsburgh From there we dig deeper into how he runs his gym His mecca fitness concept that is taking Pittsburgh by storm Enjoy the show, Angelo [...]

AH024 Live Big & Eat Well w/ Jason Chan

On today's show, we interview cancer survivor and master restaurateur Jason Chan. We talk about: The hospitality industry Two dysfunctions of an entrepreneur The process Jason goes through to open a restaurant His experience battling cancer and coming out much better on the other end Enjoy the show, Angelo About Jason In a career that [...]

AH023 Rising From the Ashes w/ Alex Delgado

On today's show, we have youth and young adult pastor of North Assembly in Fresno California, Alex Delgado. We talk about: Being a Cuban refugee and what that means to his family Finding an identity in addiction and alcohol How he overcame suicide and found God What he has been doing to spread his story [...]

AH022 Burn Your Couch w/ Rick Alexander

On today's show, I interview an author, entrepreneur, and ultra-endurance athlete Rick Alexander. On this show we talk about: Rick's story as an ultra-endurance athlete and seeker of possibilities His book Burn Your Couch: A Manifesto for the Average Adverse Rick is an incredibly interesting man. I'm sure you'll feel the same way. Full of [...]

AH021 Mind Over Matter w/ Bobby Maximus

On this show, I interview the larger than life Bobby Maximus. Bobby Maximus has been a phenomenon for the fitness world, and if you have been following fitness for a while he needs no introduction. On this show we talk about: Bobby's social media and how he handles his “haters” How he grew into a [...]

AH 020 Behind the Kitchen Doors Part 2 w/ Chef Bernie Laskowski

On today's show, we have chef Bernie Laskowski on again to chat more about getting out of the Marine Corps and becoming one of the best chefs in Chicago. We talk more about: Bernie's life Everything he went through to climb to the top of the Chicago food scene This show is part two, so [...]

AH 019 Behind the Kitchen Doors Part 1 w/ Chef Bernie Laskowski

On today's show, we have special guest chef Bernie Laskowski who's interview was so good, I decided we break it into a two-part series. Those of you that know me well know that I'm in love with a few things: fitness, mindset and, food - and that's what we cover on these shows! It's very [...]