AH050 Training SOFLETEs w/ George Briones

On today’s show, I have a head programmer for SOFLETE George Briones.

George and I talk about just about everything there has to do with fitness on this episode. Long and slow distance, different types of training so if you are a coach I’m looking forward to you geeking out on this.

We also share Georges amazing story of evolving into his role as a coach and how his whole life played out to the moment that he is at right now. He’s a very amazing guy and inspiring in many ways. Please check out SOFLETE if you can and follow George.

I love you all, enjoy the show.


About George

Former Recon Marine, born and raised in Texas. Performance Coach and Director of Programming and Training Development for SOFLETE. A Father and Ultra-Runner who enjoys keeping things simple in his everyday life.

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Recon Sniper Foundation – https://www.reconsniperfoundation.org

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