AH022 Burn Your Couch w/ Rick Alexander

On today’s show, I interview an author, entrepreneur, and ultra-endurance athlete Rick Alexander.

On this show we talk about:

  • Rick’s story as an ultra-endurance athlete and seeker of possibilities
  • His book Burn Your Couch: A Manifesto for the Average Adverse

Rick is an incredibly interesting man. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Full of insights and living with love, kindness, and progression – the interview is one you’re not going to want to miss.

Enjoy the show,


About Rick

Rick is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. As an ultra-runner, strength athlete and active duty military member, Rick Alexander has built his professional and personal life around building content and products from inside the trenches. He currently hosts LionHeart Radio, a podcast dedicated to the active lifestyle with new shows dropping Monday through Friday.

Over the past two years, while serving on active duty in the military, he published his debut book Burn Your Couch: A Manifesto for the Average Averse.

Learn more about Rick here:

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